Review in the Press

Ed Monti has received a lot of praise for his incredible work. The following is a short list of articles that document the scope of Edward Monti Stone Sculpture.

  • The Stone Gardener

    The New Yorker

    On a sultry morning in early August, the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy stood in a quarry in Stony Creek, Connecticut, watching the heart being burned out of a ten-ton granite boulder. Eighteen of these tawny-gray brutes, varying between three and fifteen tons, are to be scattered around a space measuring a hundred and twenty feet by thirty-five on the second-story roof terrace of the new extension of the Museum of Jewish Heritage, in Battery Park City. The hollowed rocks will then be filled with soil, and, on September 16th, Holocaust survivors will plant a dwarf chestnut-oak sapling in each one, creating a memorial Garden of Stones.... (Read More)

  • Garden of Stones

    Museum of Jewish Heritage Website

    Now almost nine years old, Andy Goldsworthy's living memorial garden continues to inspire in new ways. On September 17, 2003 Goldsworthy's first permanent commission in New York City, Garden of Stones, opened to the public... (Read More)

  • Work cast in stone

    At one side of a grassy yard on Centre Street in Quincy, grave monuments were lined up neatly, their uniform design and smooth edges creating an orderly repetition. Behind and beside them, though, a jumble of sculptures were scattered — fountains, birdbaths, benches — with uneven edges and asymmetrical patterns that looked so at home they could have been mistaken for slices of nature that had been lifted and moved to Quincy.... (Read More)

  • Quincy's Ed Monti back cutting granite at 83

    The Patriot Ledger

    Edward Monti, who uses fire to cut and shape the heart of ancient granite, is back – his own heart reshaped with a new aortic valve. The 83-year-old Quincy native is once again creating fountains, sculptures and reversible mushroom/birdbaths in his Centre Street studio. “I’m on low speed, but my energy gets a little bit better each day,” he said last week.... (Read More)

  • Garden of Stones

    Columbia University

    On a farmland-turned-community-run school on Maple Hill in Vermont, an argument broke out between a local woman and man from out of town. Amidst the din of working cranes and trucks, the exchange went something like this:... (Read More)

  • A fountain too lovely to leave

    Flipping through the various sections of the Sunday paper, my heart skipped a beat when I came across the South regional section’s cover photo (“Work cast in stone,’’ July 11)... (Read More)

  • Coe Memorial Park


    ... A monumental stone sculpture fountain designed by Massachusetts’ artist Edward Monti was erected in the Park in 1981 and dedicated to all Veterans of the Vietnam War era... (Read More)

  • Torrington Vietnam Monument

    The stone sculpture fountain was designed by Massachusetts artist Edward Monti. It was erected in the Park in 1981 and dedicated to all Veterans of the Vietnam War era.... (Read More)

  • Untitled Sculpture by Edward P. Monti - Quincy, MA

    An untitled sculpture -- Jerome M. Reicher, Designer and Edward P. Monti, Scupltor found in a green space along Newport Ave. not far from downtown Quincy, MA. It is easily accessible and invites tactile exploration and viewing from all angles to get an appreciation of its form.... (Read More)